July 16,2021

OPGW plays an important role in the realization of optical fiber communication transmission, empower us to send message smoother and quicker. Now on the market, they have different fiber cores like OPGW 96, OPGW 36 and different standards such as IEC 60794-4-10. Now you need to know why OPGW?


OPGW 36 cable


OPGW optical cable


Optical fiber composite frame fiber composite overhead ground wire, OPGW optical cable generally adopts aluminum tube type, aluminum frame type and (stainless) steel pipe type structure.


The design of OPGW optical cable fully considers the actual new high-voltage transmission line of the power line. For user needs with different tensile strength and different short-circuit current parameters, we can carefully design matching products to meet the standards of mechanical and electrical products.




OPGW optical cable provides the best transmission medium for power system communication.


  • High reliability
  • Long life
  • Good security


As a system engineering, it not only depends on the quality of OPGW cable itself, but also closely related to application conditions, line conditions, fittings and standard construction.


Functions of OPGW


View our IEC 60794-4-10 OPGW, it is OPGW96 and also 36.


Aluminum Tube OPGW with IEC 60794-4-10


1. Using advanced stainless steel tube production technology, the tube is filled with water blocking compounds to effectively protect the optical fiber;


2. Through the optimized design of the extra length of the optical fiber in the stainless steel tube and the stranded pitch of the cable core, the optical fiber in the optical cable can obtain a secondary extra length to ensure that the optical fiber is not stressed when the OPGW optical cable is subjected to the maximum operating tension;


3. The structure is compact, which not only reduces the ice load and wind load, but also ensures that the heat generated in the case of a short circuit is easily dissipated;


4. The outer diameter and tensile unit weight ratio of the company's opgw optical cable are similar to the specifications of commonly used ground wires, which can be used to directly replace the original ground wire without changing the line or replacing the tower;


5. Because it is basically the same as the traditional overhead ground wire, the erection of the OPGW optical cable is very convenient;



Tips for purchasing OPGW optical cables


The construction unit is required to determine the specifications and models according to the drawings and actual parameters issued by the design institute.


Only when the specifications and models are determined can a specific quotation be given.


From the perspective of customer usage, the most commonly used ones are those with 24 cores and a cross-sectional area of 50 or 100.


Because the cross-sectional area of 50 is relatively cheap, it can also meet the needs of communication and grounding.


They can effectively reduce the cost of use.


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