Why Choose Anti-termite Cable?

July 05,2021

Why choose anti-termite cable? If you have seen the dangers of termites, you will not hesitate to choose an anti-termite cable.


termite Hazard


Termite Hazard

Buried plastic cables and communication equipment are often eaten by termites. In the south, communication cable failures caused by termites account for 60% of the total failure rate, while in Guangdong Province it is as high as 80%. After the power cable is bitten through the protective layer by termites, it is also easy to cause a short circuit, resulting in interruption of power transmission, and even a fire. Termites are also very harmful to train cars, bridges, sleepers and ships. MIL-C 28830 According to the survey, the termite damage rate of the inland ships of the Pearl River and the foreign ships destined for Southeast Asia and Africa reached 30 to 54.7%. 20-25% of train carriages in the south are harmed by termites, and wood bridges along highways are harmed by termites as high as 90%. Therefore, anti-termite cables are now the most selected and used.


Anti-termite Cable

Termite-proof cable belongs to a kind of special cable. It adopts high-precision oxygen-free copper and environmental protection sheath material. It has good softness, stable and reliable service performance and life span, and it has the characteristics of preventing rat and ants from biting.


Application & Usage


Termite-proof cable is suitable for electrical equipment with voltage level 0.6/1KV and below for power and control connection. The product can produce specifications ranging from 0.5 square to 300 square, including low-smoke halogen-free type and metal sheath layer The structure can effectively improve the environmental protection performance and service life of the cable.



1. Effectively prevent the harm of termites to the cable, and the cable has high insulation resistance, high voltage resistance and good breakdown resistance.


2. Adding a repellent that is abhorrent to rats and ants into the PVC material of the cable will not cause pollution or harm to the air, soil, or human body. It is a green and environmentally friendly cable.


3. The high-quality polyvinyl chloride material in the sheath has good physical and mechanical properties, high hardness, good wear resistance, and high smoothness. The most important feature is the resistance to rats and ants.


4. The anti-termite cables customized for laying in different environments are different. The structure of the metal sheath can be selected to improve the hardness of the cable. The anti-termite performance is safe, reliable, stable and lasting.


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Anti-termite Cable


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