What is ONU (Optical Network Unit) and Outdoor Cabinet?

June 01,2021

ONU (Optical Network Unit)

ONU can be divided into active optical network unit and passive optical network unit.Generally, devices equipped with network monitoring including optical receivers, upstream optical transmitters, and multiple bridge amplifiers are called optical nodes.



Functions of Optical Network Unit: Choose to receive the broadcast data sent by the OLT; respond to the ranging and power control commands issued by the OLT; and make corresponding adjustments; buffer the user's Ethernet data and send it to the upstream in the sending window allocated by the OLT.

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What is the cabinet?

Cabinets provide network cabling transmission services or power distribution management equipment for cabinets arranged in rows or divided by functional areas. They are generally located at the end of a column of cabinets.

Column head cabinets can be divided into two types: strong electricity cabinets and weak electricity cabinets.  


Strong electricity cabinets are equipment for managing and distributing mains or UPS power, and are often located at the end of a column of cabinets. For computer rooms with fault tolerance requirements, the strong electricity cabinets are usually located at the two ends of a row of cabinets to achieve the purpose of fault tolerance (n+n).


The weak electricity cabinets are mainly used for the distribution of cables in the network wiring. In terms of the three aspects, cabinet has these characteristics during working.


Current monitoring: The cabinet monitors the total current, the current of each branch of the three-phase power supply and the output current of each branch to the cabinet.


Circuit structure: The cabinet makes the computer room form a two-layer circuit structure, forming a tree-like electricity consumption monitoring and management, adjusting the operation mode, and optimizing the electricity structure.


Monitoring electric energy: The cabinet is equipped with electric energy module to measure the electric energy consumption, realize reasonable, save electricity, and reduce electricity cost.




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