What are simplex and duplex cable?

August 04,2021

There are many types of optical cables, such as simplex cables, duplex cables, single-mode optical cables, and multi-mode optical cables. Today, one of leading simplex cable companies-JiangDong, share the difference with you.

Fiber patch cords can be divided into simplex cable company according to the working mode of the interface. What is simplex and duplex? Both simplex and duplex are two modes of communication channels in telecommunications and computer networks. Simplex and duplex jumpers can also be called single and double (single core, dual core).


What is simplex?


Simplex is that data transmission only supports transmission in one direction. At the two ends of communication, one end is the transmitter and the other end is the receiver, which is not reversible. For example, broadcast stations usually only send signals to viewers, and do not receive signals from viewers.


simplex/duplex cable company


What is duplex?


Duplex is divided into half-duplex and full-duplex.


Half duplex

Half-duplex can transmit data in both directions on the signal carrier, but not at the same time. In the communication process, the transmitter and receiver at both ends of the communication system can switch the direction through the receive/transmit switch to realize transmission in a single direction. It can also be said that the half-duplex mode is a simplex communication with switchable directions. . Take a walkie-talkie, when you press the call button, you can send a conversation to the other party, and the other party can also hear it, but the other party cannot talk to you at the same time.


Full duplex


Full-duplex is capable of two-way data transmission in both directions of the signal carrier at the same time, and receiving data while sending data, requires the sending end and the receiving end to have independent receiving and sending capabilities at the same time. The full-duplex mode can also be seen as a simplex communication that allows two-way simultaneous transmission. Just like a telephone, both parties can talk at the same time by using two-way instant transmission technology.



Both simplex and duplex fiber jumpers can have single-mode and multi-mode modes. Click here to learn what single-mode and multi-mode are. Single-mode and multi-mode have different applications. Generally speaking, single-mode is compared Suitable for long-distance transmission, and multi-mode is suitable for short-distance transmission. Which mode of fiber patch cord to choose depends on the actual application scenario.


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  • Metal-free indoor optical cable
  • Stress relief for each fiber
  • For direct connector assemblies with strain relief
  • Tight bending radius
  • High flexibility
  • Halogen-free and non-corrosive flame-retardant gas
  • Sheath material complies with UL 94V-0 standard
  • Low fire load, suitable for places with high safety requirements



  • Patch cords in data centers
  • Install indoors
  • Measuring cable with mechanical load
  • Data optical cable in distribution center
  • Strain relief pigtail
  • Especially suitable for places with fire safety requirements


Simplex cable company

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