What are TAAAC and TACSR conductors?

June 04,2021

What are TAAAC conductors

TAAAC means Thermal resistant all aluminium alloy conductor. JDO have many types of TAAAC conductor for sale, like NRLH1(thermalresistance), NRLH2(high strength thermal resistance), NRLH3(super thermal resistance) and NRLH4(extra thermal resistance).




There several features distinguish TAAAC Conductor from the Conventional ACSR conductor.


The two major features are about working temperature. For TAAAC conductors, its long-term working temperature is of 150℃, and the short-term temperature is up to 180℃C,so that the continuous allowable carrying capacity 1.5~1.6 times more than that of the same specification of ordinary wire. Besides, under normal temperature, ordinary aluminum wire has the same strength, and high temperature operation mechanical strength retention rate can be maintained at more than 90%.


What is the characters and application of TACSR?


Thermal-resistant Aluminium-alloy Conductor, Steel Reinforced, TACSR for short, are very similar conventional ACSR conductor structurally. The maximum sag and maximum working tension of TACSR conductors remain almost the same as that of ACSR.


Thermal-resistant Aluminium-alloy Conductor, Steel Reinforced (TACSR) conductors are high ampacity conductors. The inner core is composed of galvanized steel and the outer layers are composed of thermal-resistant aluminium-alloy.


Compared with ordinary aluminum wire, new aluminium alloys with higher thermal resistance can carry 50%-60% more current. TACSR can safely continuously operate above 150℃, enabling to pump more current through the conductor.Thus for projects with high power transfer requirements, TACSR conductors are recommended for new lines.


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