Something about opgw suspension assembly

September 02,2021

The opgw suspension assembly has excellent dynamic stress tolerance, and these stresses are evenly distributed. The large contact area of ​​the suspension assembly between the OPGW cable and the suspension wire protects the cable. In addition, enough grip to ensure the safety of OPGW cables, they are the perfect choice for overhead lines and power distribution equipment.


opgw suspension assembly

 opgw suspension assembly


Why choose opgw suspension assembly


The stress is evenly distributed and there is no concentrated point, which can strengthen the strength of the cable installation, and the protection performance of the optical cable is very good.


In addition, they are simple in structure, stable in operation, resistant to corrosion, and reliable in quality.


Except for the OPGW suspension assembly, you may want to know something about opgw suspension clamp assembly. They help support earth line and conductor line hang on the pole and tower.


Suspension clamp ADSS cable


Applicable: The ADSS Preform Rod Suspension Clamp is used to stop the ADSS cord path. Its function is similar to that of an anchor. We recommend using a straight pole with intersecting angles of 30 ° or less.


Double suspension assembly


Double-sided suspension of ADSS string

Functional: The pre-formed two-wire suspension adapter for ADSS is known as a double fulcrum suspension adapter. The double stop assembly has all the characteristics of a standard suspension cable and is mainly used on the ADSS long to pull long rope paths over 800 meters across rivers. On a pole with a crossing angle of 30 ° to 60 ° with a canyon.


Double hanging assembly function

1. The rational distribution of low-intensity stress improves the carrying capacity of the energy stress (vibration or brandish). Storage can reach a double stop assembly of 10% to 20% of that RTS cable.

2. Tighten the rope (flexible clasp) to reduce wear.

3. Due to the advantages of the material, the ring has excellent flexibility and strength, very strong fatigue and decay resistance, strength-standing strength.

4. Secure the cord. The smooth polished appearance makes the corona proof leak and minimizes electrical damage.


Composition: The preformed suspension clinic has an inner rod, an outer rod, a rubber implant, and a stop sprint (body skin).


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