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June 01,2021

Simplex Cable belongs to  optical fiber. Optical fiber is a kind of a light transmission tool made of glass fiber or plastic fiber that uses the principle of total internal reflection to transmit light in these fibers. The tiny optical fiber is encapsulated in a plastic sheath so that it can be bent rather than breaking.



Generally, the transmitting device at one end of the optical fiber uses a light-emitting diode or a laser beam to send light pulses into the optical fiber, and the receiving device at the other end of the optical fiber uses a photosensitive component to detect the pulses.


Cables containing optical fibers are called optical cables. Because the transmission loss of information in optical fiber is much lower than that of electricity in wire transmission, and because the main production material is silicon, it has a large reserves and is easier to mine, so the price is very cheap, prompting optical fiber to be used as long-distance information Transmission medium. As the price of optical fiber is further reduced, optical fiber is also used for medical and recreational purposes.


Difference Between Simplex Cable and Douplex Cable



The light source is different. Simplex Cable: Simplex Cable uses a solid-state laser as its self-light source. Douplex Cable; Douplex Cable uses light-emitting diodes as the light source.



The number of fiber cores is different. Simplex Cable: There is only one fiber core in Simplex Cable. Douplex Cable: Douplex Cable integrates two Simplex Cables, that is, two optical fiber cores.



The performance is different. Simplex Cable: Simplex Cable has a wide transmission frequency bandwidth, large capacity, and long transmission distance, but because it requires a laser source, the cost is relatively high. Douplex Cable: Douplex Cable has low transmission speed, short distance and poor overall transmission performance, but its cost is relatively low.


Simplex cable by JDO—A Profeesional Simplex Cable Company


Simplex cable is composed of tight-buffered fiber, aramid reinforced and PVC/LSZH/TPU outer sheath.


JDO Company Limited supply a kind of indoor single-core optical cable, which can be used in optical fiber connector, indoor wire, optical connection of instrument or terminal equipment, wind power plant, transmission line or substation.


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