Overview of Disc Insulator and Distribution Transformer

May 31,2021

1. Disc Insulator

For the external overhead electrical system, insulators and conductors are both essential parts. The whole overhead system is used to transmit and distribute electricity. In order to avoid the leakage of current, applications which can provide insulation between the conductors and earth are needed. High resistance can stop current running aimlessly from one place to another so as to guarantee the stable supply of electric power. Thus Insulator is of great importance in building circuits & power systems.


Insulators have many types, like shackle, strain, post, disc and composite pin insulator. JiangDong Company can design different insulators according to your customized requirements. And here we are talking about disc Insulators in our company.


We can provide two types of disc insulators, which are strain type and suspension type.

(1). Strain Type Insulator

It is also known as tension insulator. These insulators are utilized in overhead electrical wiring for supporting overhead power lines and radio antennas. In most cases the discs are connected in a horizontal position. Strain insulators can also be connected in parallel through two yokes.

(2). Suspension Type Insulator

A suspension insulator is also a flexible insulator that consists of some porcelain or glass disc insulators connected with each other by metal connections.

Application: used in medium and high voltages of transmission lines

Types: cap and pin insulator and interlink or Hewlett type insulator


2. Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer is a stationary electrical device that changes the AC voltage at a certain time into another or several different voltages. It is also known as a typical kind of isolation transformer. 


The main function of distribution transformer is to reduced voltage. For example, It changes the input of 35kV or 10kV into the output of 400V, and then the power distribution stuff the power station will select the 380V or 220V for different users.


so the purpose is its main parameter.It changes the input of 35kV or 10kV into the output of 400V, and then the power distribution personnel of the power supply station will select the 380V or 220V required by the user.


Distribution transformers can be classified into different sorts according to their mounting locations, types of insulation, phases number, voltage classes, basic impulse insulation levels(known as BIL for short) and other characters. 


By technical update and plant expansion, we double the capacity. With the doubled capacity, JiangDong Group will provide a broader series of disc Insulators and distribution transformers. To know more about our product lines please contact us.