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June 01,2021

1. Outdoor Cable Termination Kit 


The cable termination head integrates mechanical protection, protection control, protection, and insulation. It has good electrical performance and performance, and can be used for a long time under various harsh environmental conditions. Cable terminal heads are widely used in various fields such as electric power, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, railway viewing and construction.


Due to the environmental conditions of the installation area there are many types of cable terminations. The connection between the outlet stem and the cable core must be reliable. Under normal load, the contact surface cannot burst, and the cross-sectional area of the outlet stem cannot be reduced by 1.5 times of the cable core.


According to the materials, we have the following types of outdoor termination:

1.Wiring terminal 2. Marking tube 3.Cable insulation 4.Cold shrinkable terminal 5. Stress cone 6. Insulation shield 7.Copper


HV Composite Type outdoor Termination and Cold shrinkable outdoor termination are for sale now.




2. Patch Cord


Patch cord (also known as optical fiber connector) means that both ends of the optical cable are equipped with connector plugs to realize the active connection of the optical path; one end with a plug is called a pigtail. The optical jumper mainly serves as a connection, which connects the optical transceiver and the optical fiber.




Armoured Patch Cord and Common soft Patch Cord are for sale now.




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