OPGW fiber,OPGW fiting,OPGW joint box and OPGW suspension assembly

June 01,2021

The OPGW optical fiber is placed in the overhead high-voltage transmission line to form the OPGW optical cable communication network of the transmission line.


This structure has both ground wire and communication functions. 

Owing to the characteristics of anti-electromagnetic interference, light weight, etc., thus opgw fiber can be set on the top of the transmission line tower without having to consider the best electromagnetic rack position and corrosion. All in all, opgw fiber has significant characteristics such as high reliability, superior mechanical performance, and low cost.




1) Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (optical fiber composite overhead ground wire) is referred to as OPGW or OPGW optical cable, which combines optical fiber in the overhead ground wire of the transmission line. Lightning protection and communication functions are combined into one, with traditional overhead ground wire, and the dual function of optical fiber communication capability. Placing the optical fiber in the high-voltage transmission line above the shelf can form the optical fiber communication network of the transmission cable.


2) Optical unit: organic matter composed of optical fiber and protective material. The protective material can be metal or non-metal. It can form the load-bearing part of the OPGW, and the metal protective material can also form the part of the OPGW that transmits current.


3) Threat breaking force (RTS: breaking force) (RTS: breaking force calculated by the optical cable structure, which has the sum of the cross-sectional area, the minimum tensile strength, and the product of the twisting coefficient of each effort.


4) Maximum allowable concentration (MAT): OPGW triggers the maximum concentration tension of yeast under the worst expected growth conditions.


5) Annual average operating temperature (EDS): The freezing point of the lowest point of OPGW sag under no wind and no annual average temperature.


6) Heavy ice area: areas where the design ice thickness is 20mm and above.


7) Rare wind speed and rare icing: It can be seen that there have been serious winds and icings that have existed in history and have been recorded over the years.


8) Great rivers: the entire series of navigable rivers, shells or straits, etc., have a height distance (over 1000 meters) or poles over 100 meters, wire selection or tower design needs to be considered, and if there is a fault, it will seriously affect or repair Particularly difficult tensile section.


9) Aluminum clad steel wire: It is composed of hard steel core.


10) Alloy wire: round wire made of hard heat-treated aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy material.


11)  Tensile-to-weight ratio: The ratio of OPGW's rated breaking force to the calculated mass per unit length, referred to as the tension-to-weight ratio, and the unit is km.


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