NA2XSY From one of the Leading MV Cable Manufacturers—JDO Company Ltd.

June 03,2021

As one of the leading mv cable manufacturers in China, JDO Company Limited supply medium NA2XSY voltage (MV) cable with years of experience. Among these mv cables, NA2XSY represents a big part.

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First, let' s have look at MV cables.

Medium Voltage cable is a kind of voltage cable defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). They have a voltage rating from 1kV up to 100kV.


Medium voltage power cable is capable for static application, for example, in ground, within and outside facilities, in cable canals, in water and so on. They can also be set in conditions where cables are not exposed to heavier mechanical stress and tensile strain.  Its common usage scenarios include transformer stations, industrial plants and in power plants, etc..


Over the entire operating lifetime mv power cable, because of its constantly low factor of dielectric loss and excellent insulation property of XLPE material, longitudinally spliced with inner and external screen of semi-conductive material firmly(extruded in one process), the cable will keep operating reliably.




Then let's Talk About NA2XSY.

NA2XSY is not UV-resistant widely used. Thus it is used in distribution networks both indoor and outdoor and is either buried or in cable ducting. But NA2XSY is suitable to install in temperatures as low as -5oC.


Manufactured in accordance with VDE 0276 Part 620, NA2XSY is flame retardant under VDE 0482-332-1-2 and IEC 60332-1. And also because of a low dielectric loss factor and the strong XLPE insulation, this cable offers long-term operational reliability. However, it should be used in fixed installations to avoid mechanical or tensile strain. NA2XSY is very easy to install, even in tight guide ways.


If you want to know the available current ratings for this range of medium voltage cable(mv cable manufacturers,NA2XSY), please visit our website for more information.