IEC 60794-4-10 for OPGW (Optical Ground Wires)

July 08,2021

IEC 60794-4-10 is product specifications for OPGW (Optical Ground Wires), which discusses standard regulation aerial optical cables along electrical power lines- family specification for OPGW in detail.


The scope of IEC 60794-4-10 includes the electrical, mechanical and optical requirements,and test methods for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire).




Terms Prescribed in IEC 60794-4-10


In IEC 60794-4-10, many relating terms are defined, which are shown in the following form for references.




Maximum Allowable Tension

the maximum tensile load that may be applied to the cable without detriment to the tensile performance requirement (optical performance, fibre strain)


rated tensile strength

summation of the product of nominal cross-sectional area.minimum tensile strenath and stranding factor (minimum 0,9) for each load bearing material in the cable construction


strain margin

the amount of strain the cable can sustain without strain on the fibres due to cable elongation


maximum allowable ovality

specified value, calculated according to the following formula, that the ovality of the optical unit or its component shall not exceed

(d1-d2)/(d1+ d2) in %  

[d1 is the maximum measured diameter of the cable or the component; d2 is the minimum diameter of the cable or the component at the same cross-section as d1]


optical ground wire 

cable which has the dual performance functions of a conventional ground wire with telecommunication capabilities




Factory Acceptance Tests Listed in IEC 60794-4-10

Sample testing and factory acceptance testing shall be conducted in accordance with the supplier's quality plan and, if necessary, in the presence of the customer or its representative.


Additional tests can be agreed between the customer and the supplier. This standard specifies test methods and requirements.


In IEC 60794-4-10 typical tests include design, visual inspection of the cable elements, lay length of armouring, diameter of cable, weight of cable, dc resistance of cable, breaking strength test (one sample) & optical fibre attenuation coefficient at operational wave length.