IEC 60794-3-11 Product Specifications

July 01,2021

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is one of the world's leading organization in a specific industry. IEC is responsible for the development and publication of international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. 


You can find IEC standards everywhere in the product specificatiosn of our cable products. When you read the content details page of a cable product, you will see that there is a standard mark.

IEC 60794-3

Take Duct Cable as an example. In Figure 1 (IEC 60794-3-11),  it shows that the duct cable meets the standard of IEC 60794-3-11.


IEC 60794-3-11


Figure 1 (IEC 60794-3-11)



What is IEC 60794-3-11? What kind of technical requirements does it set forth? …

If you can't answer these questions without confusion. why not follow us to take a closer look at IEC 60794-3-11.


IEC 60794-4-10

IEC 60794-3-11


IEC 60794-3-11



IEC 60794-3-11 specifies technical requirements and characteristics of single-mode

optical fibre cables used in duct and direct buried installation. Specification in IEC 60794-3-11 includes functional mechanical, environmental and optical requirements, recommended features and test methods to assess whether the  single-mode optical fibre cables are for or against the stated requirements.


In applicable cases, specified test methods mentioned in IEC 60794-3-11 are those referred to in IEC 60794-1-1 and described in detail in IEC 60794-1-2. The requirements of this specification are complementary to the requirements of IEC 60794-3 and IEC 60794-3-10 for multimode optical fibers, which are not covered in this standard but in another part of IEC 60794-3.

IEC 60794-4

Optical fibre splice-ability:

All of the single-mode fibre types covered in this specification can readily achieve very low

splice loss levels using a range of commercially available splicing techniques.


Tests mentioned in IEC 60794-3-11:

For all test procedures, the atmospheric conditions shall be (23°C +- 5°C, and 20 % to 70 % relative humidity), unless otherwise specified. All measured and computed values are to be rounded to the number of decimal places given in the corresponding acceptance criteria for each requirement. The number of fibres to be tested shall be agreed upon between the customer and supplier.


Requirements for cabled single-mode optical fibres in IEC 60794-3-11:

(1). Fibre materials

Use optical fibre as specified in IEC 60793-2-50.

(2).Optical requirements

All optical fibre transmission attributes shall comply with 5.4 of IEC 60793-2-50. Attributes of the cabled fibre (attenuation, point discontinuity, polarization mode dispersion, cable cut-off wavelength and group index) are specified. Other fibre attributes in IEC 60793-2-50 are also summarized in IEC 60794-3-11.


Quality assurance by IEC 60794-3-11:

Compliance with the specification requirements shall be verified by carrying out the tests specified in the relevant section of IEC 60794. Not all tests are required for each cable segment. The frequency of testing shall be agreed between the customer and the supplier.