IEC 60076-11: Dry-type Transformers

July 09,2021

The Application Scope of IEC 60076-11-2018

IEC 60076-11

IEC 60076-11 applies to dry-type power transformers(including auto-transformers) having values of highest voltage for equipment up to and including-36 72.5 kV and at least one winding operating at greater than 1,1 kV.-The-standard-applies-te-all-coenstruction technologies.


IEC 60076-11 does not apply to:

● gas-filled dry-type transformers where the gas is not air;

●single-phase transformers rated at less than 5 kVA;

●polyphase transformers rated at less than 15 kVA;

●instrument transformers;

●starting transformers;

●testing transformers;

●traction transformers mounted on olling stock;

●flameproof and mining transformers;

●welding transformers;

●voltage regulating transformers;

●small power transformers in which safety is a special consideration.


If there is no IEC standard for above transformers or other special transformers, this document may apply in whole or in part.





Terms and Definitions Applied in IEC 60076-11 Document

1. ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses, ISO Online browsing platform & IEC Electropedia

2. dry-type transformer:

transformer of which the magnetic circuit and windings are not immersed in an insulating liquid


3. totally enclosed dry-type transformer

transformer in an un-pressurised enclosure cooled by the circulation of the internal air having no intentional exchange with external air


4. enclosed dry-type transformer

transformer in a ventilated enclosure cooled by the circulation of the external air


5. non-enclosed dry-type transformer

transformer supplied without a protective enclosure cooled by natural or forced air ventilation


Briefly Introduction of The Transformer?

As one of the most vital component used in electric devices, transformer is used to increase or decrease voltage/current in a circuit. There are many types of transformers, of which the "dry-type transformer" is widely used due to the various benefits it provides, such as low cost, high efficiency and enhanced safety.


What is The Dry-Type Transformers?

A dry-type transformer belongs to the type of “cast resin type transformers”. It does not have any rotating parts; It is a static device that utilizes an environment-friendly temperature insulation system.(click to see Dry type transformer by JDO)


Dry-type transformers are usually used in small and medium voltage electrical equipment applications and are perfect for industrial, utility and commercial applications. In addition, they have copper or aluminum coils and are coated with varnish.