How do you protect cable from termites and rodents?

July 19,2021

Why should we invent and use anti-termite cable and anti-rodent cable? It is because the cable material is attractive to rodents and termites due to the presence of plasticizer and aromatic odor. It is because the consequences can be really serious.


We know that the termites live in underground nests deep in the soil. Although their basic diet is cellulose, such as organic waste and plant roots, once they have exhausted natural cellulose sources, they will look for other man-made sources, such as cables.

There are usually two ways to protect cables from rodents, termites and other pests: physical barriers and chemical additives.



1. Chemical additives to achieve anti-termite effect

Chemical control method is to use a variety of toxic chemical substances, through a certain method, directly contact the termite body, or treat the habitat of termites, harm objects, so that the termites contact or swallow the agents and die of poisoning. Its characteristic is the quick effect, high efficiency, simple method and small regional restriction.

(1) Drug type cable (Anti-termite Cable)

This kind of Anti-termite Cableis to add a certain dose of drugs that have toxic effect on termites into the cable protective layer material.


(2)Poison Soil to Prevent Termite & Rodent

The drugs used in the treatment of toxic soil are not as strict as the drug type cable, and the concentration range of the use is relatively wide. As long as the drugs can meet the conditions of good anti-termite and anti-rodent effect, stable performance, lasting efficacy and convenient use can be used.
 anti-termite cable


Anti-termite Cable,Anti-rodent Cable in JDO



2. Physical barrier to achieve anti-termite and anti-rodent effect


The outer sheath of the cable is made of materials that cannot be bitten by rodents, termites, etc., such as stainless steel and hard plastic. The physical barrier also includes conduits and armoured tape to prevent pests and rodents from biting the cable. For anti-termite optic cables, the use of fiberglass yarn is popular because it is uncomfortable for rodents if chewed up.



 Anti-termite Cable,Anti-rodent Cable



Another effective long-term physical barrier is made of nylon-12, a tough material that termites can't chew through. In general, these physical methods may last longer, but also tend to be more costly than chemical drugs.



3. Anti-termite Cable,Anti-rodent Cable manufacturer—JDO


If you know that your cable will be installed in an environment where pest attacks are likely, be sure to check with the cable manufacturer for a physical or chemical additive that suits your needs. 


It can be necessary and useful to choose Anti-termite Cables and Anti-rodent Cables. We are willing to offer contant help to our customers. If you have any question about out products, feel free to contact us💬.



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