FAQs about invar conductor, leaky cable, LIYYCY, MPO patch cord and MIL-C 28830

June 04,2021

 1. What is invar conductor?

Invar is a alloy contain 64 percent iron and 36 percent nickel, which is notable for its relative lack of expansion or contraction when heated. It is now used for various other temperature-sensitive devices.


The above has sort of explained the reason why invar, the Fe-Ni alloy is used as conductor material. Let's take a closer look at Invar conductors.


Invar conductors use a combination of high strength aluminum clad invar (ACI) core and super-thermal resistant Al-Zr alloy wire. It takes advantage of the character of invar material, which is noted for low linear expansion coefficient. And its ACI core gives it the quality of high corrosion resistance.The operating temperature of invar conductors can be up to 210°C.




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2. Can invar conductors replace ACSR conductors?


Invar conductors are very similar to ACSR conductors in several ways. They use the same installation method and their mechanical properties are very similar. Thus for projects in many orographic conditions (plain, hill or mountain) and of whether short and middle spans lengths, Invar conductors are particularly suitable for replace ACSR conductors.


3. Why leaky cable is called as "leaky" ?


The cable is called "leaky cable" because there are gaps or slots in its outer conductor to allow radio signals to leak into or out of the cable along its entire length. The leaky cable run along tunnels, transmitting and receiving radio waves in a leaky feeder communication system.




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