Composite Long Rod Insulator Application

July 26,2021

In this article, we will introduce the application of composite long rod insulator in high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment.


Composite long rod insulators have changed the traditional ceramic-based exterior insulation structure and opens up some new technical fields for high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment. Composite silicone rubber insulator also offer some significant advantages beyond porcelain insulator and glass insulator.


Composite long rod insulator


Composite long rod insulator


1. Insulation in urban industrial areas and polluted areas


The insulation level of transmission lines in polluted areas is mainly determined by the level of pollution flashover at working voltage. For high-voltage transmission lines in industrial concentration areas with serious air pollution, for example, if pollution-resistant traditional porcelain insulators with large creep distance are applied, the number of insulators should be also increased in heavily polluted areas (the leakage ratio distance is above 2.5cm/kV).


The surface of the Polymer silicone rubber insulator is hydrophobic. Even if the surface is completely covered with deposited dirt, because the hydrophobic of the silicone rubber will move to the dirt layer, the dirt layer also becomes hydrophobic. Thus  conductive water film can not form. The dirt lightning voltage of composite silicone rubber insulator is more than one time higher than that of the porcelain insulator, and the resistance to leakage and corrosion loss is also higher.


玻璃绝缘子.pngComposite pin insulator

Glass insulator & Composite pin insulator By JiangDong Group 



2. compound insulated Interphase spacers for compact transmission lines


Compact line is a high-voltage transmission line with a compact structure that reduces the distance between wires and the land used in the corridor of the line. When using composite long rod insulator with high pollution lightning voltage, the length of insulator string can be shortened appropriately under the condition that the insulation level of over voltage is satisfied.


The compound insulated interphase spacer is used to support the adjacent phase conductor at the distance between the phase and make the three-phase conductor swing synchronously and keep the distance between the adjacent phase conductors basically unchanged. The insulation between wires does not need to take into account that the wires do not swing at the same time to reduce the insulation distance between adjacent wires. As long as the insulation distance meets the requirements of over voltage, it can operate safely.



Composite long rod insulator, compound insulated Interphase spacers for compact transmission lines



(Extention: Interphase spacer is an insulating spacer supported between two phase wires to control the distance between the two phase wires.  It is a slender rod with a circular section mounted between the phases of a compact line. )


3. Composite long rod insulator for Light duty electrical equipment

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The weight of polymer insulation is less than 1/10 of that of porcelain insulation. If the composite insulation tube is used instead of the porcelain sleeve as the outer insulation, the weight of the electrical equipment can be reduced, and it becomes a lightweight equipment.


Light-duty arresters can be suspended directly in substations or under the leads of transmission lines. The suspension arrester can reduce the installation area. Others such as transformer with silicone rubber composite external insulation can make electrical equipment lighter, simplify the structure of substation and promote the miniaturization of substation.


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