An Introduction of Field Assembly Connector and Figure 8 Aerial Cable

June 02,2021

As a professional company specializing in telecom and power industry, we supply reliable and durable products of many kinds. Here we are going to introduce the following two products——field assembly connector and figure 8 aerial cable.




Field assembly connector, also called quickly assembly fiber connector or fast connector, is a common part in the area of electronic engineering technology.

FTTH Optical Fiber fast connector(SC / UPC / APC) , optical fiber connector for short, is a reusable passive device used to connect two optical fibers or optical cables to form a continuous optical path.


The role of field assembly connector is to connect the blocked or isolated circuits, in other words, set up a bridge to let the circuit flow, so that the functions can take effect. The structure of a field assembly connector is very simple. Normally, it includes three parts: push block, connector and dust cap.


We provide Fast Connector SC/UPC SC/APC (click and see the details of Fast Connector). It has win us favourable comments from our customers.  




Figure-8 Self-supporting Aerial Cable has many types of 8-shaped aerial optical cables.




There are many different water blocking methods, different sheath types, metal or non-metal suspension wire materials, and different cable core structures. All that can be customized for our customers'requirements to adapt different application scenarios.


The one-step installation of figure 8 aerial cable is easy and fast, and no messy cleanup is left. They can adapt different environmental temperatures and are compatible with any telecommunications-grade optical fiber.




If you have questions about field assembly connector or figure 8 aerial cable, feel free to call us or drop us an email.